2015 Annual Report

Letter from the Chair


2015 was a year of notable accomplishments at Laspau. We completed significant projects that will expand our organizational and productive capacity. We also initiated celebrations of a Laspau milestone: our 50th anniversary. We carried out strategic planning and rebranding processes with important feedback and participation from our partners. Once again, we were inspired this year by the dedication and success of the scholars in the programs we manage. We must also raise a toast to each and every member of the Laspau staff, whose individual and team efforts contributed immeasurably to a successful 2015 on every level.

We also give deep thanks our many governmental and corporate sponsors throughout the Americas, without whose collaboration the Laspau mission could not be possible. In particular, we honor the 200+ top-tier universities throughout the United States and Canada whose generosity and open arms to Laspau grantees over the past 50 years have enabled Laspau to do what it does, and be what it is.

Finally, on the eve of this milestone anniversary, we give heartfelt thanks to Harvard University, whose inspiration gave birth to the Laspau idea in 1966 and whose counsel and stewardship over these five decades have steadfastly helped guide and shape our mission, values, and ideals.

Laspau looks forward eagerly to celebrating our 50th anniversary in 2016. As we reflect on our history over the past five decades, we also look to the possibilities for new initiatives that will respond to the ever-changing needs and priorities of the 34 countries within the Latin American and Caribbean regions we serve. Going forward, our efforts will focus on strengthening Laspau so that we can continue promoting quality and relevant higher education in the Americas for many decades to come.

Jeff Coburn

Highlights of our work in 2015

Scholarship Management

We managed a diverse portfolio of programs including: Fulbright Program for the US Department of State in collaboration with the Institute of International Education, the OAS Scholarship Program with the Organization of American States, the Social Leadership Program for Latin America and the Caribbean with the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, and Ciência sem Fronteiras program with the government of Brazil.

STHEM Consortium

We continued our work with the Brazil STHEM Consortium, a unique and vibrant network of Brazilian universities working on innovating learning and teaching. This partnership has generated great interest in the region and has grown from 22 universities when it began in 2013 to 40 universities in 2015.

University Innovation

Our university innovation programs served a total of 1,700 faculty and academic leaders from a variety of countries including Aruba, Chile, Costa Rica, Brazil, Bolivia, Panama, and Peru.

Upgraded Systems

We launched a new client relation management system that places us on the path to becoming a more data-driven organization.


New Partnerships

We established key partnerships with organizations with a longstanding commitment to advancing education: Inter-American Organization for Higher Education, American Councils for International Education and International Language Institute of Massachusetts.

New Programs

We signed agreements with Conacyt (Paraguay) and Consejo Nacional de Rectores de Panamá and the Associación de Universidades Privadas de Panamá (AUPPA). Both agreements will expand opportunities for educational exchanges in research and innovation in teaching and learning.


Financial Highlights


  • Grants (net revenue)
  • Testing
  • Seminars
  • All Other


  • Seminars
  • US Government Funding Agencies
  • Management and General
  • Other funding agencies
  • Organization of American States
  • Testing

*Percentages in charts are rounded. See full financial details by downloading 2015 statements.

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